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From the dreamers who 

found and trusted me

Those who manifested

healing, growth, freedom and

who now dream their life

Those who left a message for you 

before embarking on their journey

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Having a session with David was so inspiring.

I went into it thinking it was just for fun, without any intentions or expectations and was greatly surprised at how healing the session became.

I had some underlying fears he helped me identify and face from angles I never would have thought of. He also helped me understand some elements of life and this new understanding is helping me navigate the near future with more confidence.

He connected all the dots for me, dots that I didn’t even know needed connecting!

I stepped out of there feeling like a whole new me.

I consider David a Quantum Compass and I am very grateful to have met him.


After my first session with David, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.

The creative and physical energy that I thought I permanently lost years ago has come back, along with my connection to the spiritual realm.

What you hear from him won’t be your average "cookie cutter" guidance. He won’t tell you what you want to hear; he will tell you what you NEED to hear.

His sessions are very personal, that is what separates him from a lot of other healers and makes him unique.

I am effectively working through my concerns and shadow self with a friend of mine. Communication with him feels easy.

I feel like I have been reborn and am on the right track to being my best self again.

I am so excited by this newfound knowledge about myself and the universe. I can't wait to see where it takes me.


David was the match to a wildfire deep inside of me.

I knew there were layers of intention and desire to execute my thoughts, but David so intricately and masterfully pulled those thoughts to bring clarity and direction to my projects.

For once, it feels exhilarating and awe inspiring to dream while I’m awake and my future has never looked so good after talking to him.

The Universe seems like a small place after our conversation because it put my purpose into perspective!


I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best describe David’s healing practice and the effect it has had on me.

I sense a true healing presence when I speak with him. He helps shed a light on how I process my life and all of the relationship dynamics within it.

I’m reminded of how much power I have to create a life that reaches my full potential.

I’m confronted with questioning my values and my purpose and encouraged to discover the answers through reflection and conversation.

Much of David’s process of healing is hard to put into words and what I have taken from our interactions is truly up to me to apply in order to manifest what I want in life.

There’s really only one way to find out what can be healed and how. I suggest anyone that has ever considered what parts of themselves need more careful consideration to give David a chance and experience for themselves the kind of benefit having an exchange with him can offer.

I appreciate the depth to which David is willing to go to uncover these bits of my soul that desire articulation and I am so thankful to have his healing presence in my life.




I had a session with David last week,

a healing talk type of deal.

He was the first person able to bring me back to reality and hold a mirror to my face. I’ve been avoiding eye contact with myself for years now.

Living in your head can be such a dangerous thing and through our talk David connected me to my heart.

To me the heart is the place where dreams form and the sound of him saying “DREAM BIGGER” and asking “WHERE IS YOUR HIGHER-SELF”

echoed for days afterwards.

I felt a very sudden shift, it was as if a portal opened up.

New synchronicities began presenting themselves to me. All in alignement with the big dreams David encouraged me to claim and pursue.

Truly, I was feeling braver and lighter after just one session. I felt seen and gently called out. But most importantly…

I felt free.



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